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Many people prefer to use a credit card to pay for their purchases, either because of the convenience and agility that this option offers, or because at the time of purchase, they do not have the cash required to pay it in cash.

However, this payment method should be used sparingly to avoid getting you into debt.

Because of the high interest rates, credit cards can be a big pitfall for your budget and end up causing you to fall into ever-increasing debt, even the largest source of consumer debt in the country.

In order to avoid headaches over budget debt, we have separated some tips for you to use your credit card with caution. Check out.

1 – Have a financial plan

1 - Have a financial plan

If you do not want to be held hostage to the high interest rates charged by your credit card, you should be careful to plan ahead for your credit card expenses.

Thus, it makes perfect sense to start a detailed planning of your budget to identify what your current financial situation is.

If you are already in debt, using a credit card may not be the best option to make your purchases at this time. In this case, it is even more important to be careful about its use to avoid acquiring even more debt.

By planning your budget, you can also make a safer assessment of the amount you can spend each month with more peace of mind.

You need to have control over your expenses and income, and avoid spending more than you earn.

2 – Don’t buy on impulse using card

2 - Don

It makes no sense to plan your budget carefully, if in the end you give in to the impulse to buy.

Shopping because the items are on sale, because it seems like an interesting opportunity, or because those credit card installments that you will pay fit in your pocket, are actions that will only compromise your budget.

In addition to withdrawing resources that could be used in more necessary ways, impulse buying on a credit card can also hurt your budget without you noticing it right away.

This is because with card purchases, you don’t see the money being spent right away and often only realize the financial impact when the bill gets higher than you could actually afford.

This way, you should invest more in better-planned purchases and spend on impulse only when you can make cash and cash payments.

3 – Before you go shopping, make a list

3 - Before you go shopping, make a list

A good way to avoid impulse purchases with your credit card is to make a list of the items you need to buy before leaving home.

You may not need to do this every time you buy something, although it is recommended that you create this habit, however, it is good to be careful when you use your credit card to pay.

With a list in hand, it is easier to control the urge to buy unnecessary items so you can control your card spending more intelligently.

4 – Evaluate the payment terms before using the card

4 - Evaluate the payment terms before using the card

The credit card is not always the big villain of your budget. In fact, if you have the attention and strategy to use it, it can even help you keep your financial life healthy. Especially when buying items with a higher price, for example.

Consider a situation where, while you have the cash for a particular purchase, you also want to make some other investment of that value. In this case, since you cannot do both, you would have to choose between one of two options.

However, if you are not going to get a good discount for the cash purchase, and this amount can be paid in installments using your credit card and without the added interest, then it is worth choosing this form of payment.

Still, this does not mean that you do not have to carry out financial planning, as it is through it that you can ensure that the installments to be paid will be within your budget.

Also note that depending on the payment terms of a particular purchase, using the card to pay it may not be advantageous and actually end up causing damage, so be aware.

5 – Do not use the card as a supplementary income source.

5 - Do not use the card as a supplementary income source.

Keep in mind that your credit card is not the same as a supplemental income source for you.

Doing good planning even helps you identify how much resources you actually have available and what the exact picture of your financial reality is.

Your standard of living and spending should be set within this reality, so the card should not be viewed as an alternative source of income and used to make you spend beyond what you actually receive.

Sooner or later, this account will be charged, and this way you will end up getting indebted.

Withdrawals with credit card inclusive should be avoided as much as possible as they work as a loan or financing mode, however, the interest rates are even higher.

This way, it can be very difficult to pay off the full amount you will owe, especially if you are already in debt.

6 – Limit the number of cards

6 - Limit the number of cards

It is not easy to manage the use of a credit card, imagine having to take care of two or several of them?

Especially when their limit is low, which may leave you feeling that they will not have a big impact on your financial life. However, the impact can be even greater as it is multiplied.

So, ideally, you prefer to adopt only one major credit card, with a limit that meets your needs, with the lowest annuity and interest rates possible.

Compared to others you may already have, it is best to cancel them to avoid headaches and debt.

The best option is to focus all of your spending on one card and benefit from the loyalty and relationship programs that most services of this type offer to their customers.

7 – Do not delay the payment of invoices

7 - Do not delay the payment of invoices

Interest on credit card bills needs special care. As they are very high, if you delay the payment of the invoice and let the debt accumulate, after some time, it may have already multiplied, and much, of value.

This way, the best you can do to get out of debt is to avoid delays in paying your card bills as much as the interest you charge can make your debt grow disproportionately.

The minimum payment of the invoice should also be avoided to the maximum, also because of the high interest rates involved in revolving credit, the ideal is always to pay the invoice in full.

If this is not possible at this time, try renegotiating your debt with the card company to avoid accumulating a growing debt.

8 – Optimize Card Usage

8 - Optimize Card Usage

Using a credit card to make your purchases is very helpful, however, as it advances financial resources that are not yet available, it can give you a false sense of financial security, especially when you are not planning your purchases properly.

Because of this, to avoid getting into debt, you need to invest in optimizing the use of your credit card by choosing smart strategies to make your purchases with it.

Analyze your purchases and find out when using your credit card makes sense and is most beneficial, and when doing so can end up causing your accounts to break.

Ideally, you should learn to use your credit card consciously and cautiously, leaving aside the idea that it serves as a supplement to your income.

By taking these precautions, you avoid debt, keep your financial life healthy, and the card can even help you keep your budget up to date in some situations.

In today’s article you found x careful tips you should take when using your credit card to avoid compromising your budget and end up getting indebted.

If you enjoyed these tips and want to see more content like this to help you keep your finances healthy, keep following our posts and also check out our previous blog archive posts.

Sometimes it is better to fix the interest rate on the mortgage

The constant question of whether to choose a variable or fixed / fixed interest rate on the mortgage loan lives on. There are advantages and disadvantages to both alternatives, but often the variable interest rate will usually win, because in the long term it usually becomes cheaper. However, this does not mean that there are no situations when you should fix your interest rate. The question is just when?

Fixed interest rates mean that you fix your interest rate at a certain percentage point for a certain period of time. You can tie it in one, two, three, five, seven or ten years for example. However, it is most common to tie it for a few years at a time. The interest rate you get when you fix the interest rate is usually a little higher than the variable interest rate, so you have to pay a little extra for the security that the fixed interest rate implies.

The usual advantages and disadvantages of the various options


Each time you compare variable interest rates and fixed / fixed interest rates, the various advantages and disadvantages come to light. Variable interest rates have a couple of advantages that usually weigh quite heavily. The biggest of them all is that it is usually cheapest to have variable interest rates on their loan. In the long term, the variable interest rate is usually lower than the fixed rate and therefore the mortgage loan costs less

Another advantage of variable interest rates is that you are free to change your bank or, for any reason, redeem your loan. When you have a fixed interest rate, you have also tied up during the term and if you want to redeem the loan then it becomes more difficult. You have to pay a fee to the bank in the form of interest rate compensation, which is obviously not so much fun. So it becomes a little harder to change bank, negotiate the loans, etc.

The advantage of fixed interest rates is mainly that it is a greater security for the economy to have a fixed and secure interest rate on its loan. You know exactly how much you are going to pay in interest during the years the interest rate is tied up and you do not have to worry about future interest rate hikes and the like.

The fixed interest rate can often be seen as a kind of security or insurance that protects your finances. You have to pay a little extra to have this insurance, but it means that you do not expose your personal finances to the same risk. Sometimes this can clearly be worth a slightly higher total cost.

Why in certain situations one should consider fixed interest rates

Why in certain situations one should consider fixed interest rates

Your finances are quite fragile in such a way that it can easily become a problem if something changes negatively. If you were to get higher expenses or lower income etc then there is a big risk that there will be problems. People have different incomes and expenses and different large margins of course, so for some this is not at all as imminent danger as for others. But for those who have slightly smaller margins in the economy, extra protection is clearly more important.

Fixed interest rates are clearly a protection for an economy with small margins. This is especially true if you have a larger mortgage. The smaller your mortgage, the less you are affected by interest rate hikes, but if you have borrowed more, all increases in interest rates will also be felt by more. If the interest rate goes up, you will have higher interest costs if you run at variable interest rates and this can be a strain on a weak economy.

Occasions when fixed interest rates are extra good

Occasions when fixed interest rates are extra good

Here are some examples of situations when it is a little extra good to consider tying your mortgage. Bonded loans mean that the interest rate will be fixed during the term of the bond and you will then avoid the risk that the interest cost will rise during that period.

If you have too little buffer – Having a buffer and a buffer saving is very important in a healthy private economy. A buffer is money that should only be used for emergencies, as the money is not enough for, for example, because of unexpectedly high expenses or degraded income. The buffer functions as a security for you to be able to afford to adjust your finances when things change and you get less money to move around.

How to get cash in two days?

Ways to get cash

Ways to get cash

The period that includes Christmas is complex in economic terms. In other words, Christmas is one of the most complicated dates of the year for your pockets. This carries a lot of expenses, expenses that, in large part, have to do with the illusion of the little ones, something that should not be played. Therefore, because it is possible that this Christmas you will be in a hurry and you are already looking for ways to get cash and because maybe, if not now, you need information about it later, today we will explain how to get cash in two days

But before telling you how to do it, let’s answer something that will leave you alone: ​​yes, getting cash in two days is possible. But not if you intend to do it through a conventional bank that will require you a million papers with which to make sure that you are going to meet the conditions that stipulate you.

Once this is known, we will explain how to get cash in two days: first of all, you should know that to achieve this it is necessary to go to immediate online loans or fast loans.

In pages like Binaryloan you will find diverse products with which to obtain financing, so it will not be difficult for you to find one that lives up to your needs and expectations.

How to get cash in two days with Binaryloan?

How to get cash in two days with Binaryloan?

Three simple steps are enough to get the amount of money you want if you do it through the Binaryloan page. We explain to you:

1. Access the web

First you have to access the section of the website of the product you want to request. For example, imagine that you want fast loans, because you will have to go to Binaryloan.

2. Select quantity

Once there, you will see information about the advantages of fast loans, the most representative figures, the way Binaryloan works, the requirements that you must meet to apply for them, etc.

At the end of that same page you will find a link where it says “REQUEST YOURS NOW!” You must click and it will take you to a page where you will see two boxes of text. In one, you must select the amount you want and in the other you fill in your personal data.

3. Accept data protection policy

In fifteen minutes you will receive an answer and in less than two days, you will have the money in your bank.


Loan for repayment of other credit

It seems quite dull and absurd to borrow another loan even if the previous credit obligations have not yet been settled, not to mention the borrowing of another loan to repay the previous loan. Such action only shows the absolute irresponsibility of the borrower, the inability to plan his finances and time. However, in reality, getting a new loan when the previous credit has not been settled is practically impossible.

  • First of all, the majority of lenders already determine that the loan will not be issued if the potential customer has outstanding credit commitments.
  • Secondly, if the outstanding credit liabilities damage the credit history, but as we know, in the case of damaged credit history, most creditors do not issue credits. Of course, in this case, it is imperative to assess whether outstanding credit obligations are current and still in the process of repayment, or whether they are overdue and neglected, and the borrower is included in the debtors’ list. Current credit liabilities are not taken into account provided that the borrower is creditworthy, that is, its income is adequate for the full and timely repayment of two credits.

Outstanding credit commitments, which are neglected, are considered a serious obstacle to new credit.

Outstanding credit commitments, which are neglected, are considered a serious obstacle to new credit.

This behavior of creditors can be explained logically because they simply do not want to ” climb on the same rakes ” to which another creditor has already climbed, namely, having trusted and lent a loan to a borrower who is irresponsible, dishonest, untrustworthy and how it looks also insolvent. Non-repayment and delinquency of any loan leads to greater or lesser financial losses for the creditor, which is why creditors choose their potential customers very carefully to avoid disappointment. However, not all lenders treat their potential clients as responsibly and scrupulously and also give credit to those whose credit history and creditworthiness are not positive.

In addition, lenders who are not interested in the credit history and financial position of their potential clients are also not interested in the purpose for which the loan is provided. From the foregoing it can be concluded that the loan can also be received by a person who has outstanding debt and wants to use the loan to settle it. If a specific example of such creditors is to be mentioned, they are lenders of fast credit. Of course, it cannot be ignored that in such situations, all quick credit lenders will undoubtedly issue a loan, because when the effect of the laws and regulations on non-bank lending is in force, a large part of non-bank lenders will also start setting rules for credit history, creditworthiness and lending targets of potential customers..



Microcredit: a solution for an advantageous fast loan!

When can you need a microcredit?

When can you need a microcredit?

You see your microcredit as a way to create your business or participate fully in a personal project you care about. Here are the different cases where getting your microcredit is not only a quick but also sensible solution.

Make your project easier!

Make your project easier!

You have known for a long time: you have an idea that could revolutionize your professional or personal career. Do you want to make a linguistic trip of a few months to improve? Your car has just broken down, but is it essential for your work? Rather than opt for a classic loan. Microcredit rates are also high, but in return you can borrow a small amount of money in the short term.

That’s how companies like FinderCash came to life. The purpose of this platform is to facilitate access to a loan for a transfer in the week! The only documents to provide are an IBAN, have a credit card, the login credentials of your online banking space. Thus, you are relieved of all paper mail, which can be lost by post or simply take time to arrive at your destination. In this case FinderCash, this platform offers a loan within 48 hours for a refund with interest over three months.

The old vision and resolution of the past problems of microcredit

The old vision and resolution of the past problems of microcredit

Despite common thinking, obtaining microcredit can be facilitated. But still it is necessary to know the tricks and to know to whom to ask it!

We have already mentioned the procedure of obtaining. In the past, it was more difficult to obtain because the financing companies look at your banking history. If you apply after a bank or structure that allows you to obtain a micro-credit, the procedure usually requires a waiting period and a mailing.

The link between microcredit and professional career

The link between microcredit and professional career

If you want to start your micro-enterprise, it’s a viable solution because it gives you time to get started as a micro-entrepreneur to get a traditional loan. Microloan should be seen as a way to get into the world of work in a sustainable way.

Be aware, however, that the declaration of the microloan is to be made in your name as a natural person. These are not obtained if you apply as a company. The repayment of the loan can of course be realized thanks to your profits generated in company, because they return in your personal expenses of micro-entrepreneur. You have to think of microloans as a way to save time and money for your business.

A procedure facilitated by multiple structures

A procedure facilitated by multiple structures

Cause and effect, new and digitized structures have appeared. It is up to you to make your choice. Although today microcredit is democratized, you can still prefer a classic structure to a private structure.

If you start telling yourself that microcredit is the solution you need, dedicated sites have been set up for you to get it quickly in a satisfactory time. There are among others:

  • Government structures available to you, but do not yet offer an online system, with the risk of a delayed shipment;
  • Associations – often aimed at underprivileged populations, or specialized for specific statuses such as students;
  • Dedicated platforms – be careful not to pick the ones that ask you for money before you get credit, they can be scams. Read customer reviews before taking action!

Microcredit is the solution for all those who are short of money and who want to take advantage quickly to mount microprojects – and why not microenterprises. To learn more about the keys to a successful business, if you’re thinking of building your own, here’s an enlightening article provided by .

In the World of Loans: What is Consolidation?

A growing group of Poles live on credit, and people who are indebted to several banks at the same time are increasing from month to month. Repaying them often turns out to be a serious problem. How to deal with your own debts? How to reduce any inconvenience related to their repayment?

counting money

Where is the debt from?

Where is the debt from?

An emergency situation and no savings – this combination makes the majority of Poles reach for a loan. PolyBank is one of the institutions to which Poles report in problematic situations. What? Car breakdown, the need to buy new household appliances or other random situation, which is associated with unexpected expenses. The problem is that Poles take out such loans more and more, using the services of various banks. Effect? Several loans repaid at the same time. This phenomenon is associated with other problems that can seriously annoy life.

When loans become a problem

When loans become a problem

For many people, one loan becomes a serious problem. The amount that needs to be paid in due time on a monthly basis and compliance with these deadlines can cause many problems and those who are indebted only to one bank. What are they to tell you who have borrowed in several institutions? For them, the problem is primarily to maintain control over repayment dates, and the necessity to pay several loan installments at the same time means that there is little left from the payment of a living. What is recommended to those who pay liabilities to obstruct normal functioning? Amazingly, the most recommended solution is to take another loan here …

Or maybe consolidation?

Or maybe consolidation?

A consolidation loan is a unique phenomenon that allows banks to make it easier for customers to repay various debts. The rules for such a loan are simple. A customer who repays several loans simultaneously transfers them to one bank. Here, small loans and smaller loans are converted into one, larger loan. Benefits? With several installments, one is created with a contribution that does not hinder the client’s normal existence. Such credit has been spread over many years, but thanks to this it becomes an easier liability to pay off. Often banks grant such loans for up to 40 years. With a consolidation loan, it is worth paying attention not only to the amount to which you can be indebted. It is also worth checking what security the bank requires and what form of security is the most advantageous. The most popular option is a loan with a mortgage collateral. Usually the interest rate on this form of consolidation is much cheaper than the cash loan granted to those who can not boast of real estate collateral.

The offers of banks offering consolidation of loans are quite diverse. Such a solution currently has many branches, like the well-known PolyBank. Opinions on individual consolidation loans can be found both in online comparison websites and in trade press. It is thanks to them that you can choose the best solution.

Subscribe to a personal loan online

Minimum age to take out a personal loan?

Minimum age to take out a personal loan?

If the subscription of the personal loan is open to all, there is however a minimum age. Indeed, only adults can apply for consumer credit.

Perfect for younger people who do not have large savings, the personal loan allows to settle down and enjoy many benefits such as fixed monthly payments and an interesting term.

Domiciliation in France for the subscription of the personal loan

Main obligation when you want to subscribe a personal loan, the borrower must have a current account domiciled in France. In fact, this condition must allow credit institutions or banks to directly withdraw monthly payments from the credit and to reimburse themselves in the event of late payments.

French nationality is however not mandatory when subscribing the personal loan, only the bank account must be French.

Obligations to be met when subscribing to a personal loan

personal loan

The subscription of a personal loan requires a certain compliance with the rules of the Consumer Code, as well as several obligations claimed by financial institutions lenders.

The latter in particular provide guarantees to banks who want to make sure they can recover their money as well as the interests of credit.

The rules obviously vary from one bank to another, but always bear on the security of the amounts committed:

  • The borrower must be solvent and prove his financial health. The credit institution is thus entitled to check this information with the Banque de France files. The borrower must also not be prohibited from banking to subscribe a personal loan.
  • The borrower’s salary must be able to cover all the deadlines without hindering his daily life. Indeed, all credits, whether consumption or not, must respect the rule of 33% maximum of the overall income of the borrower.
  • The borrower undertakes, in the loan agreement, to repay the entire amount borrowed, as well as the interest charged. In the event of late payment of the monthly payments, the lending institution gives itself the authorization to charge terms and conditions whose terms are set out in the personal loan subscription agreement.

It should be noted that, if it is not mandatory, an employment contract of indefinite duration will be favored when the credit is opened. Banks are looking for reimbursement insurance

Loan Advice: Everything You Need to Know About Credit Insurance Loan

No matter how good life is, it sometimes offers us serious tests that test our abilities to deal with them in a proper way. However, when they require more than personal qualities, such as money, then are faced with serious dilemmas that must overcome within certain time frames.

Then it is quite possible that the need to withdraw a certain kind of credit to give us the courage and the opportunity to cope with the given situation is out of the question. The reasons for such a step on our part can be varied – from home or car repair, to meeting urgent health needs or another more serious cause. Regardless of what it is intended for, the loan must be well thought out, as well as your ability to cope with its return.

A modern step that provides you with an extra level of security is the credit insurance that many people already use as an extra plus to the need for peace of mind. Once you’ve signed a contract with your creditor for the amount you’ve paid, it’s good to keep in mind that there’s always the chance that something happens to prevent you from reimbursing the amount.

In short, this means that under certain conditions in which the borrower does inevitably happen to prevent him from returning the amount received, the insurer will assume the corresponding obligation.

In most cases, the risks covered are serious enough

  • Disease;
  • Unemployment;
  • Hospitalization due to accident;
  • Temporary or permanent lack of ability to work, respectively failure to repay the loan;
  • Death.

This type of contract is also guaranteed by the bank or non-bank institution that has granted the amount, and you are left with the peace of mind that there will be no problems with repayment of the loan.

What are the conditions and why you may not be able to sign a contract for such insurance

As a starting point, you should be aware that you must not have a pass in the payment of the insurance fee. Another reason that may prevent this is the presence of registered previous illnesses that led to incapacity for work and possible failure to repay the loan. If these are available in your story then your chances are reduced. Another case is if you are a sole trader. Then you could very hardly conclude a contract against “Unwanted Unemployment”.

Insurance bonus

This is the contribution you have to make over a certain period of time – in most cases every month, quarterly or yearly. It is predetermined in relation to the assessed risks. In most cases, you get a certain amount of money due for an annual payment.